Tamil Tv Show Dhinam Oru Jothida Thagaval

Dhinam Oru Jothida Thagaval Tamil TV SHOWS on CAPTAIN TV

Astrology is one of the leading sciences in today’s time. It is the science in which everyone believes, and every person has interest. Every individual is curious to know about his/her future and get remedies to resolve if there are any issues in it. Indian Television industry hosts a large number of shows, which are based on Horoscope and Astrology. People tend to regularly follow these type of shows and make their daily routine to look after these kind of TV programs. ‘Dhinam Oru Jothida Thagaval’ is a leading show based on horoscope and astrological science. This show was aired on the Captain TV Network a few years back.

In this show, the leading astrologer and great person Dr Kumar predict the astrological consequences of various zodiac signs and he gives a detailed review about how each day is going to pass for every particular zodiac sign. He further provides precautions for all circumstances and remedies for a better life. The program further holds the facility to contact the astrology expert, discuss their personal problems, and get possible solutions for their conditions. The program is of a short duration but provides valuable information to the viewers. Dr Kumar is excellent personnel in the field of astrological sciences and horoscope hence the show is a great hit in the history of Tamil TV shows.

People view this serial on a daily basis and look forward to his ideology. He gives a brief and elaborate explanation about various circumstances and problems of life. People use his expert suggestions, implement them, and get benefits. The show is one of the most prominent and good shows for astrology and its related things. The predictions forecasted by Dr Kumar are approximately accurate hence; people of all age groups view the program. He gives advice for marriage problems, business issues, troubles related to children’s career and even on health topics.

He has various charts and various books, which he is seen to be following the show and answering various questions of the viewers. This show is one of the leading daily astrology shows in the history of Tamil Television and has high viewer ratings. The episodes of this program still hold their places in the YouTube channel lists. The shows are available according to dates on the YouTube and are viewed by a large number of viewers. Any viewer can go through them for their reference.