Tamil Tv Show Deiva Vazhipadu

Deiva Vazhipadu Tamil tv-shows on CAPTAIN TV

The suitable version for the title in the English would be enough to appreciate the theme of the event. Deiva implies God and Vazhipaadu means devotion or praying.

Deiva Vazhipaadu is a Tamil show telecast on Captain TV. This religious show is aired on 5.30 p.m to 6.00 p.m. everyday. 

The title suggests dedication to God. Every episode would feature a special Dharshan to temples except the temples protected under the Hindu Religious and Charitable Temple Endowment Board. The background score of the drama had to convey to the people of Tamil Nadu about the essentialities as well as history of the particular temple in the picture. The location had the first priority.

The roadways, the rail route, and Air Route of Sea Route (if available) had to be conveyed. They had essentially brought out the must watch areas around the temple which had to be the most appreciated part of the entire small Screen Industry. For instance, if the channel had to state about a temple in Thrirunelveli, it had begun with a note that it had famous for the Halwa. It had notified them with such pride and valor. Many Tamilians had known Madurai as the City of Temples. Maximum they had known about the Meenatkshi Temple and Kal Azhghar Temple.