Tamil Tv Show Deiva Dharisanam

Deiva Dharisanam Tamil tv-shows on SUN TV

Deiva Dharishanam is a devotional TV program telecasted on sun TV at 7 am on Saturdays and Sundays. This show helps us to explore temples from one place to another. It passed more than 500 episodes and the show has been a success. Deiva Dharishanam is hosted by Mangayarkarasi. The show starts with Mangayarkarasi welcomes us with a Nataraja Statue in the background. The show starts off with a history about that temple. The speciality of buildings and architecture and original footages are shown with the celebrations there.

The Explanation is in pure Tamil not even a word in English used and it is a 30-minute show. ThiruKurals are used in this show regularly in the show. Even though it is said that the show is recorded in a single recording since Mangatarkarasi is known for talk continuously for hours and most of her stage programs in all NRI associations are regularly for hours without taking a break. The show has followers of age group and they all praise the presentation of the anchor. The most of the people say that in this digital era where even people are ashamed to speak Tamil and can't speak Tamil continuously without even using an English word in 5 minutes. The way she speaks pure Tamil for hours is very much adorable. Mangatarkarasi also known as National Mangatarkarasi was born on 19th June 1984 in Madurai. She has two siblings a sister and a brother and she is married to Gange's chakra Murugan.

She graduated with first class in the Tamil Language from Madurai Kamaraj University. She used to win a lot of medals for Tamil competition from her school days. In 2011 she was awarded Kalaimamani title by State Government. Her 1st achievement was the first prize at Kural recitation competition at age of 4. Her 1st lecture trip abroad was when she was at the age of 13. In India and abroad she is already a well-known speaker. She was influenced by Kripa Nanda Varier. One of the famous Tamil speakers of the 20th century and was known as Pravachana Samrat. Mangatarkarasi's Talent was spotted and guided by Varier and she never missed a speech of him.

There is no age group speciality in her followers. People of all age groups follow her. She is youngest to win kalaimamani award at the age of 20. she was taught 10 tirukurals a day every time and if she recited it she got incentive as chocolate. She did recite 1330 tirukurals at her tender age of 6. She started private schooling when she dropped out of regular schooling because she wanted to take spiritual lessons. Mangayarkkarasi has the in-depth knowledge Villi Bharatham, Kamba Ramayanam, and Kanda Puranam. She became very popular in Madurai when she was child and Varier gave her enough chances which she proved herself as the successor of Varier.