Tamil Tv Show Dance Thamizha Dance Season 1

Dance Tamila Dance Season I Tamil Tv shows on Zee tamil



Dance Tamizha Dance Season I is a Tamil reality television series. The show is designed as a dance competition. The name and even the format of the show have been adopted from the famous national show of Dance India Dance. The show is hosted by one of the most popular faces of Tamil television. He appears in the show since the Mega audition takes place. The show is telecasted on every Saturday and Sunday, exactly when the clock ticks 08:00 in the evening, on the popular channel or Zee Tamil.

The gist of the show is that it selects about fifteen to twenty dancers from all across Tamil Nadu. These contestants are then trained and taught by professional choreographers. Soon after, they compete against each other to battle it up to the Grand Finale. Here, the winner of the show is declared, who becomes the dancing star of Tamil Nadu. To elaborate it a bit more, the entire show is divided into two phases. The first one is the selection phase, while the second one can be called as the main competition phase.

The first step in the selection phase is the walk-in auditions. It is followed by a callback where the first skim of filtered dancers is called for another audition so that the judges can pick the best ones out of the many after a thorough check. After the callbacks, the selected few from each location of audition gather at Chennai to give their final tests and enroll themselves into the top twenty. These top twenty goes on to the competition phase. Till now, all the decisions of selection is done by the judges but at the competition phase, this power goes onto the hands of the viewers.

After all the dancers have performed in an episode, the select few who gave the least good performance are called back for another performance. These select few performances are to be judged by the public, and elimination of one of them will happen through public voting. This way each episode eliminates one or more contestants up till there are left only a handful. At this point, the grand finale is organised among the top three contestants. The winner of that night, with the maximum number of votes, gets to win the title of the Tamil Dancing Star.

Along with that he or she also gets a cash prize accompanied by an opportunity to appear on movies or cinema as a professional choreographer or dancer.