Tamil Tv Show Crazy Jessy

Crazy Jessy Tamil TV SHOWS on Chutti TV

Crazy Jessy was a children's animated series that ran on Chutti TV. The series was a Tamil dubbed version of the original Australian series ‘Tracy McBean.’ The series was short-lived, and only 38 episodes were aired. The series originally ran from 2002 – 2005 on ABC and Discovery Kids. The show was produced by Noel Price and Charlotte Damgaard for the Southern Star Group and Egmont Imagination. The show was created by Mary Small and ArthurFilloy. The series had voice actors like Roslyn Oades, Akmal Saleh, and Meaghan Davies.

The name of the show is derived from the main protagonist, Tracy Mcbean who is voiced by Roslyn Oades. Tracy is a young girl who goes to school with her friends. She lives in Australia. However, Tracy is different than most kids. She has an insane understanding of science and technology and a hunger for knowledge. Tracy has a best friend in school called Sheamus. Together, both use science and technology to create different things. The things that Tracy and her friend create, they use it to help their friends and family, or they use it to enter the school science invention competitions.

Tracy’s peers are always impressed by her inventions and their ability. However, nothing sails smooth for Tracy. Her life is made miserable by her rivals at school and her siblings at home. Tracy creates her inventions in her backyard with the help of Sheamus. Often, her younger siblings annoy her which leads to her creating new devices to keep them at bay. In school, the McConnelly brothers always try to harass and harm her. They are the playground bullies who create terror among other kids.

There is also Laszlo, who is a member of science club in her school. Though they possess lesser intelligence than Tracy, they are successful in annoying her in school. Tracy is also honest about her intentions regarding the inventions that she does. However, most of the times they have unseen consequences and affect her family or friends. As a result, Tracy must think about how to solve the problems she created and help get everything back to normal. Each episode tells a different adventure of Tracy – the things she creates, how she avoids the bullies and in the end, saves the day. Kids would love the show for the gadgets that she creates which are straight out of science fiction.