Tamil Tv Show Connexion

Connexion Tamil Tv shows on Vijay tv
Connexion is a game show that tests the contestants’ presence of mind and is anchored by Jegan. The game is played by three teams – each team has one celebrity and the other person could be their friend or family. It is a team game and consists of four rounds. Before the actual games start, they have a warm up round known as “Javvu Mittai”. In this, Jegan starts off with some random word. Each team should say a connecting word, i.e., if team A says a word connecting to the one told by Jegan , then team B should say a word connecting to what was told by team C. This is continued until each team had a few chances. However, this is not included for points.

The actual game starts with round one called “one by two”. In this round, two pictures are shown. The team has 30 seconds to guess the word which will be a common word for both pictures. Sometimes, the words will be common but with different spellings or they may be sound alike etc. The teams must think on the spot and be able to relate to the pictures. Each team has to identify four words. If the team to whom it is given is unable to answer, the other two teams are given an opportunity if they know the word. Bonus points are also awarded to them.

The second round is the “Joint Family” round. In this round, each picture means a separate word. More than one word is picture is given and the teams have to guess having in mind that only the pictures together will make sense. In this round also, the participants have to guess four words in 30 seconds each.

The third round is a buzzer round called “Tent Kottai” and has negative markings to teams who press the buzzer and give wrong/no answer. Totally, there are six guesses and the team pressing the buzzer first will answer. One advantage is that the pictures also indicate what the team has to guess, i.e., a person’s name or a country or a movie or a song etc.

The last round is a bumper round called “Panchathanthiram” and is the deciding round for which team is the best connector. It gives totally five pictures one by one and each picture may be linked to one word. Jegan will inform the team as to what they are guessing just like in round three. Keeping that in mind and also the pictures the teams can guess. The lesser number of pictures the team uses to guess the right word, the more is the number of points.

This show is aired in Vijay TV every Sunday at 6:00 PM.