Tamil Tv Show Comedy Bazaar

Comedy Bazaar Tamil tv-shows on Imayam TV

We all love to laugh. We all love to spend quality time while watching TV. This quality time is sometimes measured according to the entertainment we get from the tv shows. Often when we spend time watching comedy shows, we are almost satisfied with the show as it not only makes us laugh but also to an extent helps us get rid of the stress be in emotional or work-related. Laughing out loud, sometimes act as a cure for the stress. And that is what the viewers want from all the comedy shows that are telecasted on the television. Imayam TV brings you one such comedy show called Comedy Bazaar.

This is a comedy show based on society. Because of its immense popularity amongst the viewers, it has become one of the best comedy shows. It is telecasted in Tamil. The comedians give amazing performances which leave the audience with loud laughter and happy faces at the end. The show is aired at 9:00 am on Sunday, 7:00 pm on Thursday and 6:00 pm on Saturday. The proof of its success rate is its popularity amongst the viewers. To spend some quality time on TV, stay tuned to Imayam TV on all three days and get ready to laugh and roll.