Tamil Tv Show Cinema Seithigal

Cinema Seithigal Tamil tv-shows on SUN TV

Cinema Seithigal is a films based reality show which came on the channel Sun TV. The series is a Tamil language one which came on between every Monday and Friday in the half an hour slot of 7:30 PM and 8 PM. The program features news and related items from the world of the Tamil cinema fraternity. We get to see the up and coming projects alongside what are the most recent updates from that world. This includes personal incidents, brewing controversies and also technical information about important films.

The show captures all the latest happenings from the world of movies down south. Cinema Seithigal presents a highly entertaining compilation of many different types of films which range across different genres. The program features highly interesting stories which keep audiences entertained and introduces them to some great quality filmmaking right in their own homes. With a fresh story in every enchanting episode, this series acts as a treasure trove of knowledge about what all is going on. The show also features interviews with various celebrities who get to talk about their inspirations. This is truly a brilliant opportunity which all these stars get for highlighting what they have made.

The program acts as a brilliant launch pad as well for aspirants to see for themselves how the viewers react to their films and to improve it one small bit at a time. These directors gain a lot of exposure and get to experiment with new and diverse ideas as well which can then get translated into something bigger. They present their opinions and what all they thought about the movie and what it stands for.

They get exposed to reviews from various quarters. This dissection of their films from multiple angles and insights gathered from there helps them in improving their art. The guests are also open to discussing every bit about the film and answer all queries which relate to the subject of the film in question. As is the case in this kind of shows, we also get to see a lot of gossips and behind the scenes information.

The hidden stories from the world of celebrities along with what is truly happening behind the scenes gets revealed. The show gives us news about all that has been happening on the film sets and also what is going on between the stars. The show got packaged as a dose of entertainment which can engage the regular viewers properly.There is little of whatever goes on that the anchor is unaware of. Every episode features some new news items about what has been happening in different parts of the town.