Tamil Tv Show Cine Round Up

Cine Round Up  Tamil TV SHOWS on Imayam TV

Cine Round Up is a Tamil movie infotainment show that airs on the channel, Imayam TV. The channel is an interactive infotainment channel in the Tamil language that is owned by Bharat Entertainment Private Limited. The show, Cine Round Up was first launched on television in the year 2015. The show was aired daily. When the show was launched, it was telecasted at 10:30 am, and the repeat telecast was aired at 10:30 p.m. from Monday to Sunday, though later there were lot of fluctuations in the timings of the show telecasted.

The episodes lasted for a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes. Cine Round Up is an entertainment based news and informative show. The show covers various major happenings in the Tamil movie and music industry. The show takes you to various events of the industry happening on that day and gives you a live insight as to what is happening. From film release parties to music releases, the show covers every major event of the media industry and brings it to the audience sitting home.

There is a host who conducts the show from a studio. The host also talks about different new and upcoming projects in the industry. The reporters of the show interviews actors, actresses, directors, music composers, etc. for a quick note on what are they currently working on and what upcoming ventures can their fans expect to see them in. The show also takes you to different shooting locations of the much talked about films and tries to gives you a glimpse of the shooting in progress.

Sometimes they also catch the celebrities off camera for a moment and get a quick interview with them. Different celebrities also take this opportunity to sometimes promote any upcoming films that they might have. The show not only gives you a peek into their professional happenings but also gives information on the major happenings in the personal lives of your favorite celebrities. Celebrity weddings and parties, airport looks of celebrities, foreign trips, etc., all latest news about your favorite star can be found on this show. Sometimes the show also gives a small preview of the Tamil movies that have released or about to release the same week. The show is a perfect place to get updated with all the latest celebrity and film trivia.