Tamil Tv Show Chippikkul Muthu

Chippikkul Muthu Tamil TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Telecasted on channel DD Podhigai, Chippikkul Muthu is a talent hunt show offering a platform to people across the country. Premiered on 8th Feb, 2017, the program will be telecasted every Wednesday at 9:30 P.M. Produced by K.K.Vision; the program serves as a platform for those people who don’t get a chance to showcase their talent to the world. This program is known to provide a stage to talented people by encouraging and promoting them. The name of the show Chippikkul Muthu means a Pearl in an oyster.

The organizers try their best to extract pearls from the oysters, i.e., they work hard to pick talented people from the crowd and show their abilities to the world. The name of the program completely justifies its format of giving an equal opportunity to people having different talents from various parts of the country. The participants have to get registered and provide details about them. After the initial screening, they will be called to perform on TV in front of millions of audience. Be it sports, music, swimming, dancing, acting or any other god-gifted ability, the program encourages record holders from various genres to enlighten their future.

Viewers from all over the world love watching this show due to its unique concept. One of the most watched episode showed how a B.Tech student learned to play a musical instrument along with his studies. He also narrated the difficulties faced by him to pursue his talent along with college. He revealed that it was his passion and hard-work which allowed him to take out time for all activities. For pursuing a talent, one needs to remain focused, passionate, creative and determined. Also, time management is the key to success.

One has to take out time from the routine to excel in a field. One of the guests on the program quoted a similar example, who despite his physical disability followed his passion of playing music. This episode showed how a man, who lost his hands in a tragic accident, plays drums with burning sticks. He says that his urge to convert his weakness into strength has always been the driving force behind his talent. One of the most watched episodes with a high view count showed Juggler Masthan. He explained how he has been passionate about juggling and has mastered the art to perfection. Inspired by football tricks on YouTube, he learned to balance the football by practicing it thoroughly. To know more about your favorite Tamil programs, log on to channel DD Podhigai on YouTube.