Tamil Tv Show Champions - Tamil

Champions -  Tamil Tamil tv-shows on SUN TV

Champions – Tamil is a talent based reality show which came on the channel Sun TV. The series is a Tamil language one which came on between every weekend on Sunday in the time slot of 12 PM to 1 PM. The program premiered on Indian television screens on 10th November 2013. It had a highly successful run across fourteen episodes brimming with breath-taking performances. The last episode went on air on 14th February 2014. The show is a unique one amidst the cacophony of other reality TV and talent shows. This program is exclusively for differently abled candidates.

Champions – Tamil seeks to encourage and celebrate those people who have gotten left at a disadvantage through some turn of fate. These are otherwise fully fit and functional individuals. They got invited to this show to mesmerize the audiences with the bundle of energy of talent they possess. The show became a runaway hit and got adored by all members of the audience. Such was the popularity of the series that it got remade and telecast in two more regional languages. There too it saw a great deal of success. The courage and heart shown by these individuals are worth applauding, and they show that they are no less than the next person and possess the ability to stand up for themselves. This unique show got hosted by the talented Thejeswari.

The judges for this event are the renowned Pattimandram Raja as well as Revathi. They both provided helpful aid in nourishing the participants’ talents further. They give valuable guidance on how they can further develop their natural gifts. Pattimandram Raja is also known as S. Raja and is one of the most popular names in the Tamil television fraternity. He gained immense popularity following his speeches on the talk show titled Pattimandram. It was following this that he got his screen name which has stuck to this date. His masterful debates, which got moderated by Solomon Pappaiah, got remembered even today. It made him an overnight famous name amidst Tamil households all over the world. He has also featured as the anchor of a daily chat show which got titled Vaanga Peasalaam and got aired on the Sun TV network.

Though he is a professional banker, he took an interest in acting and made it big. He featured in memorable roles in movies like Guru En Aalu, Sivaji, and Ko. Revathi is an immensely popular actress as well as film director. She has left her mark all over the Tamil, Malayalam, as well as Telugu film industries. She is also the recipient of several accolades, which include National Film Awards no less than three times and that too in three completely different categories, and even six Filmfare Awards.