Tamil Tv Show Boys Vs Girls 2

Boys Vs Girls 2 Tamil tv-shows on VIJAY TV

In this era of time, both boys and girls want equal footing for themselves. Each of them wants to prove themselves as better than the other. Keeping this in mind, Vijay TV has bought a new concept for the viewers to enjoy. Boys vs. Girls Season 2 is the latest addition to the channel, to make the weekends, even more, action packed. After the phenomenal response, the first season received, the makers of the show has come with the second season which is better, tougher and more entertaining than the previous one. Vijay TV brings to the viewers the biggest battle of the sexes to the small screen.

In the current times, we see both the sexes being at par with each other in each and every field, and this show is no different. This show is about surviving against the toughest battle against all the odds and against all age groups. At the end, the gender that wins the show will prove to be better than the other. This show is a Tamil dance reality show where all the participants are from Film or Television background. In each episode, there will be different rounds where the contestants will give either solo or duet performances. The celebrities will try and experiment with different dance styles like Salsa, Bollywood, Hip-hop, Contemporary and much more. Before the battle begins each team is given a certain amount of money.

As the show progresses, each episode will bring to the table various types of rounds like the betting round where the teams will bet money which was given to them in the very first episode, on their team members performance and the performer who does better wins and takes the money from the opponent. Another such round is the concept round where both the teams are given a concept, and they have to dance it out according to the concept and many such rounds are there in each and every episode.

There is no voting or elimination from the show, the result and scores from the performances are given by a jury of two well-known faces of the silver screen. The girl's team consists of Sandra, Aishwarya, Priya, Hema, Asha, Misha, Sai Promodhitha, Kavitha, Abhinaya, with Sandra being their captain. The boy's team consists of Venkat, Nethran, Balaji, Michael, Sivakarthikeyan, Ram, Mani, Pranav, Rinson with Venkat as their captain. Other than that the viewers will be able to see the duo Deepak and Divyadarshini as their hosts.