Tamil Tv Show Bicycle Dairy

Bicycle Dairy Tamil tv-shows on PuthuYugam TV

Bicycle Diary is a trekking based reality show which came on the channel Puthuyugam TV. The series is a Tamil language one which came on between every Monday and Friday. The program covers the journey of four youngsters as they travel from one end of the state to the other and attempt a difficult journey.

The four participants consist of two boys and two girls. All of them come from very different backgrounds but share the same basic passion of cycling and exploring new places. Their journey gives the viewers a look into some of the most beautiful locales and roads in India which are mostly unexplored and even ignored by regular folks.

Bicycle Diary chronicles the journey of these young people as a visual diary which captures all their daily experiences as they undertake the most exciting trip of their lives. All four of these people shall be traveling together from Chennai all the way to the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland at Kanyakumari.

They must not only face the challenge of maneuvering amidst the traffic and congestion of cars, trucks and the like but also brave natural obstacles like rains and overflowing rivers.But their heart and determination of seeing this trip to its conclusion overcome the dreariness of lengthy roads and the harsh weather conditions beating down on them.

On their way down south, they also explore the culture and history behind the places they cross through. They interact with the locals and experience their way of life. Their diverse backgrounds lend perspective to what they have undertaken. One of the girls is an avid traveler and has explored many parts of the country till date including large sections of the Southern belt of India. The other girl is an ace photographer.

She has displayed tremendous talent behind the camera and has featured her work on many reputed platforms as well. One of the boys is a professional sport sperson and has represented the game at multiple levels. The last of the lot is a highly gifted singer and a superb dancing artist.

As they journey through the countryside, they explore the local cuisines and discover interesting facts about the food and how it evolved. They also get insights about how particular food habits have helped shape the local culture of the region. A lot of places they go to also have deep historical roots and these group gets to find out those stories which many times are unknown to the audience members as well.