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Barney And Friends is a kids television show which aims to provide educational value to the age group of one to eight-year-olds. Sheryl Leach is the creator of the series. Barney is a dinosaur, T-Rex to be specific, and he dances and plays with his friends while giving important educational lessons. A friendly and nice attitude is adopted by the characters of the show.

More than two seasons of Barney and Friends have been aired. Barney and Friends has been dubbed in hundreds of languages. In India it is available in almost all major regional languages. The production of episodes had been stopped in 2009, but the show kept on being on air till 2010. The show is still being aired on television. Being one of the most popular educational TV shows, many reruns of Barney and Friends have been showed on over a hundred channels.

It is speculated that Barney and Friends are set to make a return to television in 2017. Being educational, the show received and still continues to receive a lot of criticism for its content. Some people consider it to educational and funny, whereas, other people think it is turning children into a false sense of entitlement. It is giving them a false sense of freedom.

Most of the content often sounds repeated, which makes people spending the time to watch the repeated points irrelevant. Many actors have voiced the same character over its twenty years run. The show starts with the opening theme song being played. The video consists of parts from other episodes. The kids are in the school and are busy with their studies. Each episode has a new topic and a new lesson. They then start imagining Barney, and he comes to life and takes everyone on an adventure.

Later, the school kids dance with music being played, and the kids dancing with Barney and his friends. The main topics of the episode are discussed in a fun and friendly way.

A few people have argued that this show doesn't, in any way, assist kids in learning new things. It creates a flawless world for them, where there are no problems and everybody is happy. It provides a fake world. Creating a false world will not be good for the development of young kids.