Tamil Tv Show ATM Live

ATM Live Tamil TV SHOWS on Raj Music Tamil

“ATM Live Show” is a Tamil language TV show. Raj Music TV has telecasted this TV show for its Tamil viewers. The genre of the TV show is musical. ATM Live Show is a live TV show for music. Raj TV is one of the most successful running channels in the South TV industry and, it has many other groups of its own channels. Raj Music TV is dedicated to the music lovers in South India. Raj Music TV has 24-hours running musical TV shows but each of those episodes is different and, unique from each other. Raj Music TV came up with a new musical show for its viewers called “ATM Live Show” in 2013 for its viewers. The TV show was telecasted live in which the host and, its audience could participate.

One of the most famous names in the South industry, VJ Saravanan hosted this TV show for the channel. The audience could connect by making a phone call at 044-24364636. VJ Saravanan starts the TV show by welcoming the audience and giving them a brief about the concept of the show. He also tells the audience how they can participate in the TV show live and, what kind of audience will take part for the day’s episode. It could be college students, housewives, working men, working women, school children and, others. The host keeps on taking the call of the audience and starts talking to them. He asks them for their introduction, their reason of calling, their questions, and their choice of song and, crack jokes with them. The episodes always come with different concepts. The songs played in the ATM Live Show were hit songs from the Tamil movies.

The audience could request any of their favorite movie songs of the Tamil language. The show was not just like a regular show, where the listeners could request for their favorite movie songs but the audience could also talk to VJ Saravanan about many other things too. The host also cracks jokes on many things while talking to the audience and teases them with different things before entertaining their requests. Later, he asks the audience for their favorite song after which he also asked the audience for any memories or any special attachment to the requested song. The TV show ran live with taking calls and, playing the requested songs. The audience loved tuning into ATM Live Show on Raj Music TV for entertainment. Also they ask the host of the show to play their songs. This concept of connecting the channel and, audience live made it a hit show for Raj Music TV.