Tamil Tv Show Athma Sangamam

Athma Sangamam Tamil TV SHOWS on RAJ TV

AthmaSangamam is a Live Tamil show on Raj TV that’s about the spiritual part of life. It is host by SanjeviRajaswamigalof Kanchipuram. He deals with the spiritual and mythological part of life and explains about superstitions and beliefs of the Hindu Community. He explains why they were created and why people follow them. He also explains about the Horoscopes and also deals with Numerology. The Hindu believe that their Horoscope is connected to their future and to their past. It is based on the alignment of the stars and moon when they are born, and people claim to be able to see into their future just by looking at it.

This alignment of stars is similar to the Zodiac system. People with financial difficulties, family problems, per-marital and post-marital problems and other such problems in their life are granted the opportunity to call and talk to Sri Sanjevi Rajaswamigal. They tell him about their problems, and he tries to solve them using Numerology, Astrology and Jyotisha. The callers are asked to tell their Names, Nakshatram andGotram to the Swami.

They then go on to tell their problems to him and ask if he can solve them. He gives suggestions that might involve them going to a spiritual place and performing a specific set of Pooja for a certain duration of time or make them chant a specific incantation so that all the bad energy can be removed from their horoscope.He might also suggest's changing their names according to Numerology so that the Negative energy from their horoscope can be eliminated.