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Atcham Thavir Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Atchar Thavir is a Tamil word that roughly means ”Overcome your Fear”. It is an Action/Stunts based Reality game show launched by Vijay TV. It is similar to the America based TV series known as “ Survivor” and also like the show “ Fear Factor”. It airs Thursday to Sunday at 7:00PM on Star Vijay and is hosted by the likes of Dhivya Dharshini, Kavinraj and Jagan. This show is for small screen celebrities who work in the Tamil Movie Industry which is also known as Kollywood or also in the Tamil Television Industry. The 14 contestants are divided into two teams of 7 each.

Each team has a Captain or a Leader. Every week, the two teams have to successfully perform multiple tasks and earn points. The team or team members who fail to carry out that specific task goes into elimination in which one of them is sent home. The last one standing is declared as the Winner. It might include anything and everything that might be considered extreme. The first season of Atcham Thavir had the following Kollywood Celebrities Team A: Senthil Kumar, Gayathri Jayaraman, Priyanka, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Madhumila, Bahrani, and Amudhavana. Team B: Sonia Agrawal, Ganesh Venkatraman, Gayathri, Amith Bhargav, Siddharth, Gayathrie, and Sanjana Singh.

Every single participant has proved themselves as good actors and comedians. But in this show, they will have to show that they have the capability to be much more than that. This show brings out their physical and mental strength and looks like it will push them right up to their limit. Some of them might break under pressure, and some might rise to the occasion and finish with flying colours. The stunts are performed in a safe and protective environment. The participants are required to stay together and are not allowed to go home until the end of the show i.e., when they win or until they get eliminated. The time duration is about 60 days and is filmed at locations all over Tamil Nadu. They have to live together, eat together and sleep together and hence helps the team to bond.

The bonding makes the team members more close to each other and creates a trust between each other. These bonds might be helpful in the Team challenges as it mainly requires team-work and trust. This show has no age restrictions and hence all the members of the family can sit together and watch. Kids, Adults and the elderly can have a nice time watching this show as they root for their favourite contestant to win.

Another Version Story...

Atcham Thavir (English: Fear Not) is a reality stunt show broadcasted on STAR Vijay. The show concluded its first season in July 2016. The show is the Tamil adaptation of the internationally hit ‘Survivor’ show and stars prominent actors and actresses from the Tamil entertainment industry as contestants. The contestants taking part travel to a remote island where they undertake various tasks and activities. The goal of the show is to avoid elimination and survive the longest. The last survivor is the winner and earns the title of the ‘sole survivor’ along with a huge cash prize. The show features the contestants in various challenges and tasks that are dangerous and thrilling to perform and see.

The show was first of its kind on the Tamil television that featured its favourite personalities in high-octane stunts and dangerous tasks. Dhivyadarshini, Kavinraj, and Jagan hosted the first season of the show. The contestants included famous personalities from Tamil entertainment industry including Senthil Kumar, Ganesh Venkatraman, Madhumila, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Amuthavanan and many more. Madhumila was eventually declared the winner of the first season. The show follows a fixed format and has a set of rules. The contestants form two teams among themselves, often called tribes.

The tribes live on the secluded island with a meagre 40 days’ worth of supplies. The tribes compete frequently in various challenges that test their physical strength and endurance. These challenges provide them with different rewards and advantages that increase their chance of survival. The rewards often include food and luxuries. The tribes often may win ‘immunity’ which allows them to force the losing tribe to vote off and eliminate one of the opposite tribe’s players. Through various rounds of daring tasks and challenges, eliminations take place until only half the players remain.

The remaining players then form a new tribe and they again undergo eliminations until only the finalists remain. The finalists then compete in various tasks along with facing the Tribal Council. The remaining challengers try to establish to the council why they must be the winner. Points are awarded after specific tasks and at the end of all challenges, the person with most points is declared the winner and the ‘sole survivor.’ The four finalists for the first season were Madhumila, Ganesh Venkatraman, Amuthavanan and Sanjana Singh respectively. Madhumila, was declared the winner with 33 points with rest of them following closely with 31, 29 and 27 points respectively.