Tamil Tv Show Arunodhayam

Arunodhayam  Tamil TV SHOWS on  Win TV

Who doesn’t like to listen to a nice collection of spiritual songs early in the morning? But with the increased tele advertisements on different television channels, there is barely any channel left which dedicates a program specifically to playing a collection of pure devotional numbers. Win TV is a Tamil news channel owned and operated by Diksat Transworld Limited. It represents some programs particularly famous among the users of ‘What’s On’ residing in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi. The top shows of the channel include Hello Doctor, Unani Maruthuvam, Magathana Maruthuvam etc.

Arunodhayam is a TV show playing a classic collection of Tamil spiritual songs at 5 AM in the morning on Win TV. This half an hour show is highly popular in Tamil Nadu. It broadcasts some of the memorable episodes featuring bhajans, discourses and devotional songs. Starting from ‘ OM’ chantings to other all time best-sacred songs including Aadi Parashakthi, Sthala Pasurangal, Paaru Paaru Pillaiyaar by T.L. Maharajan are also played on the program. Songs about the South Indian deity Lord Murugan, Tamil God Vinayagar, Lord Ganapathi and Lord Vishnu play on the show.

All time best songs played on the show include Sri Kanda Sashti Kavacham, Harivarasanam, Vinayagar Agaval, Vishnu Shasranamam, Sri Lalitha Shasranamam and Sri Surya Ashtagam. People all over the world are busy with their lives and busy chasing success, but what holds all the people of the world together is spirituality. Like any other thing in the world, spirituality is not bound by any rules and its theories and ideologies, therefore, vary from person to person. Instead of adopting practicing chasing the validity of presence of the Almighty, spirituality deals with the search for inner peace.

Spirituality not only provides freedom to the soul, but it also encourages people to become a better person thus teaching them the true meaning of life. With the world growing busy with every passing day, TV channels with programs like Arunodhayam helps people forget troubled experiences and provide them hope to heal through the path of divine enlightenment. Starting the day with spiritual songs acts as a stress reliever as well as offers peace to the mind and soul. Having such a good start to the day helps in making better decisions in the office, home and other spheres of life. We may not realize it, but such practices ultimately lead to contentment and happiness.