Tamil Tv Show Arasiyal Thadam

Arasiyal Thadam is a Tamil serial which talks about various things happening in India. It is an unconventional news channel where there is no person. The news is narrated while showing images or videos; it's mostly images which are shown. The narrator has the voice of a woman. She keeps talking as the images keep on shifting. Most of the times there are two or more pictures for one topic. Some of them are photoshopped with the purpose of conveying a point. We all know that wine is not good for us.

The picture of red wine in a glass is shown, and another with the glass tied to our hands. It tells us that we are all prisoners of alcohol. We all want to leave it, but it is difficult for us to do so. We are addicted to it, and most of us cannot go a week or sometimes even a day without drinking it. It also shows hand drawn images meaning that the show also has a satirical nature towards it.

At the start of the serial there is an animated image of a man wearing a formal dress, and he is holding a mike. His face is not shown, which implies that news can come from any source. It also means that the producers of the show get their news from various unlikely sources and that their anonymity is ensured. It also talks about various campaigns like Stop Genocide.

These campaigns are already creating awareness among the people of the world. It also talks about the major events happening in other countries, and how those events which are happening some thousand kilometers away can affect our country. Arasiyal Thadam shows patriotism by giving importance to the various government agencies. In these times the public usually doesn't know what to do or how to do it. This show gives advice and tips on how to handle such situations.

Creating awareness and helping people understand various policies is one of the agendas of the serial. There is rarely any negative news displayed on the show. Most of the times, news which will bring a good feeling to the minds of the people is shown. If people wanted to see the bad things, they could always switch to the more traditional news channels.