Tamil Tv Show Appadi Podu

Appadi Podu Tamil tv-shows on Sun Music

Sun Music, is a leading Tamil Music Channel owned and operated by Sun TV Network India Ltd. The channel telecasts a large number of shows, most of them dedicated to playing fast-paced Tamil beats. Some of the favorite programs that air on Sun Music are Senthamizh Penne, which plays a compilation of songs from Tamil movies and Super 7 which plays the top 7 Tamil numbers from the recently released Tamil movies. Other loved shows include Break Free Songs which plays all time hit records from various Tamil films. Rehmania is a popular show with a unique concept where all the songs of the legendary AR Rahman are played.

Inga Enna Soluthu, is a caller based show where the viewers call into the show and share their love life, break up, and other personal relationship experiences. Songs are also played in this show. Appadi Podu is a popular music show on Sun Music which plays a collection of songs from the recently released set of movies. Appadi Podu is a break free show, where new and hit tracks are played back to back in a loop with only one break in between the program. It airs five days a week from Monday to Friday playing all the favorite tunes of the viewers. However, Appadi Podu is also a very popular Tamil song from the movie Ghilli.

Trisha and Vijay are the lead actor and actress in the movie. The film is about a passionate Kabaddi player who saves a beautiful girl (Trisha) from a powerful and influential leader who wants to marry her. The songs composed by Vidyasagar gained tremendous popularity in the whole of South India. However, the song Appadi Podu mainly became a sensational hit and still continues to remain the same. Listening to music at any time of the day can be the best mode of relaxation. Music not only helps us relax, but it also brings back beautiful memories of the past.

Going down the memory lane and reliving those moments once again, who wouldn't want that? Tamil music can be both soothings as well as energizing at the same time. The slow, soothing rhythm of Tamil songs can help calm the mind. At the same time, the fast-paced beats of Tamil numbers can contribute to keeping the natural energy going. Shows like Appadi Podu expose us to a wide range of music and help us explore the horizon. We often listen to music that the people in our circle introduce us to, but shows like Appadi Podu help us explore new forms of music and may provide us with an inspiration in our life.