Tamil Tv Show Anjarai Petti

Anjarai Petti  Tamil OTHERS on Zee Tamil

Anjarai Petti is a Tamil language cookery show. It caters to the Tamil speaking population. Anjarai Petti is a revolutionary show that is changing the face of cooking in Tamil Nadu. It is being said as one of the most popular cookery shows in Tamil Nadu and is transforming the food-lovers into proper chefs. Anjarai Petti is different from other culinary based shows as it brings a new definition to cooking. The old, traditional ways of cooking are being revamped and edged out to expose the Tamil audience to a whole new generation of cooking.

This show can provide recipes for remarkable food items, shows how to cook them, and explains the products to be used, reviews these products, and explains where to find them. The popularity of this show can be understood by the number of episodes it has already made. Anjarai Petti has 1800+ episodes under its belt and continues to produce more. The anchor, Priya, is brilliant in helping the viewers understand how to cook and prepare the different dishes on the show.

Anjarai Petti is telecasted from Monday to Friday at 12:30 PM. Anjarai Petti is aired on Zee Tamil and each episode lasts around 45 minutes. In this television show, there are different segments. In the first and second segments, there are home chefs or volunteers who might be stay-at-home wives or passionate cooks who can cook up brilliant meals. In the third and fourth parts, you get professional chefs who work in restaurants to deliver their magic on screen and share their secret recipes. The recipes are not restricted to Tamil Nadu’s native dishes.

They explore a variety of cuisines from all over India and international inspirations too. Some of the famous dishes that have been prepared in Anjarai Petti are Senai Kilangu 65, Gujarati Kadi, Chettinad Siraga Samba Chicken Biryani, Ooru Kodi (an Andhra Dish), Barbeque Chicken, Gugni Chat, Saiva Viral Meen Kari Kulambu, Palli Palayam Chicken Fry, Maravali Kilangu Vadai, Rusk Halwa, Karaikudi Netheli Karuvadu Kulambu, Mulaikatiya Pachayipayaru, Kara Kulambu, Capsicum Baath, Pepper Chilli Prawns, Grill Fish with Lemon and Butter Sauce, Chettinad Idicha Koli, Elaneer Soup, Fish Pickle Gravy, Kantarpam, Mulaikatiya Payeer Verukadalai. Oats Bagalabath, Cheese Capsicum Balls, Chettinadu Frinch Chicken, Kollu Masiyal, Akki Roti, Kanadu Kathan Mutton Masala, and much more.

As hard as the names as some of these dishes sounds, the host, and the chefs make it an easy job to understand and prepare this chef-standard food.