Tamil Tv Show Anithavin Samayal

Anithavin Samayal Tamil TV SHOWS on JAYA TV

Anithavin Samayal is a cooking serial which is broadcasted on Jaya TV. The serial is hosted by the renowned folk singer Anitha Kuppusamy Anitha Kuppusamy is a famous Tamil folk singer as >> Read More... . She is also a carnatic singer. Other than singing, she is also a host of various shows such as this one. Although Anitha is known for her singing skills, she is also an amazing cook. Anitha Samayal is her very own cooking show where she cooks a variety of Indian dishes.

The show starts with Anitha greeting the viewers. She also sings a song at the beginning of every episode. She can relate her songs with the dishes she cooks. She then talks about the dish she is going to make in the episode. She also talks about how she likes this, and how it reminds her of something which happened to her. She then gets the ingredients ready for cooking. Depending upon the dish, she arranges her cutlery. She then slowly starts cooking.

Every step is thoroughly explained. She cooks with satisfaction and at no point she is seen as somebody who is worried how it is going to turn out. While cooking her food, she carefully puts the ingredients on the stove. It is like a mother handling her child. Her beautiful voice keeps you calm while she cooks her dish. The cameraman focuses on the dish. It is like a person cooking at home. There is no fancy kitchen like how it is in other cooking shows.

It is a normal kitchen with no fancy utensils. There is no chimney as a matter of fact. The whole episode takes place in the kitchen. While it is being cooked and you cannot do anything, Anitha tells a story from one of her performances. All this makes it an unorthodox cooking serial. After the delicacy is complete, it is carefully put on plates. The dish is then separately shown on screen for a few seconds. She also runs a blog where the recipes of her favorite dishes are written.

Anithavin Samayal has a runtime of twenty minutes. A few minutes before the end of the episode, a recap of the ingredients involved is shown through something which looks like a slide show. The kitchen has a yellow background, and it is sponsored by Gold Winner.