Tamil Tv Show Anbudan DD

Anbudan DD  Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Anbudan DD is a Star Vijay Channel TV show. The TV show aired on the 1st of April in the year 2017. Anbudan DD is a talk show. The TV show is hosted by the vivacious Dhivyadharshini. She invites star from the Tamil cinema where they get candid with their talks.

The chat with the stars is entertaining and candid. In the first episode of Anbudan DD, Sivakarthikeyan was invited. The multi-talented actor and singer got candid and talked about his journey. The host asked him a lot of questions regarding his life, his childhood, his passion, films, and music. More than asking questions the show is about having a chat. In the next episode, Arya came on the show. The actor shared a lot of details of his life which are unseen. He talked about those parts of his life which are not known to the audiences.

Also, the actor Krishna and Santhi Soundarajan also came on the show as the special guests. They also graced the evening. In the next episode of the show, Vijay Sethupathi who everyone knows as a modest and sorted kind of person came on the show. There he talked about his normal life, his films journey, and the relationships. Later, in the show, some of his very close friends made a surprise visit which added a lot to that episode. On the episode telecasted on 22nd April the multi-talented actress, social worker and a director, Revathi came on the show. She unraveled a lot of unknown and lesser known facts about her life. The TV show still runs on the TV screens, and there are more episodes yet to come. Lots of stars can be seen by the audiences sitting on the couch and sharing a lot of details about their lives. T

he host comes up with various ways to make the stars give out a lot of unknown details. The show also has special guests who have some relation with the star celebrity invited. These people shared a lot of facts and memories related to the lives of these stars. These people have seen those phases of the celebrities’ lives which add a lot to their journey. The host does not put direct questions for the celebrity guests, but convert these questions into a light chat. The TV show is hugely loved by the audiences. They get a chance to get to know about their favorite stars and see a different side of their lives. The audiences await for the next episodes to come.