Tamil Tv Show Amudha Oru Aacharyakuri

Amudha Oru Aacharyakuri Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar TV

Amudha Oru Aacharyakuri is a Tamil drama that was aired on the channel Kalaignar TV. The show aired five days a week, from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. The first episode of the show premiered on June 4, 2012. However, due to some reason, the show was abruptly shut down in 2014. The show was soon re-telecasted on the same channel. The show ended with a total of 266 episodes in the year 2015. The final episode of the show was telecasted on July 20, 2015.

Amudha Oru Aacharyakuri is a Tamil soap opera in the drama genre. The plot of the show revolves around the story of a married woman named Amudha. Amudha is a courageous woman, and she showcases that whenever it is required. She doesn’t shy away from helping people who are in need and rushes to their rescue. She takes life in her own zest. She is not afraid of adversities and rather takes them on with a smile. She has a very pleasing personality.

She makes everyone comfortable around her. She is a very down-to-earth person by nature. She is like the ‘girl next door,’ yet with a very bold attitude towards life which makes her ready to take on any trouble that comes her way. The lead character of Amudha in the show is played by veteran actress Renuka. Renuka is a very popular face in South Indian cinema. She came to fame with the popular serial which was named after her name, “Renuka.” She came back after a long break to star in this show. Kavithalaya Krishnan, another well-known Tamil actor plays the role of Amudha’s husband in the show.

The other supporting characters in the show are played by popular actors like Vijay Vasanth, Kanika Maheshwari, Kavya, Apser, Shilpa, Vijay Krishnaraj, Sruti, Saakshi Siva, Sujatha and Master Charan. The show also saw some special appearances from famous Tamil actress and sister of South Indian actress Saritha, Viji Chandrasekhar.

The show was conceptualized, written and directed by veteran Tamil filmmaker and playwright, K. Balachander. The show was produced by Kavithalayaa Productions, which is also co-founded by K. Balachander. The opening theme song of the show ‘ Nenju Porukkuthillaiye’ had become very popular during the time of the show. The theme music of the show was composed by C.K. Ganesh; the lyrics of the title track were provided by Indian poet, Vaali; the music was composed by Kannan and the song was beautifully vocalised by playback singer, Srimathumitha.