Tamil Tv Show Akilam 360

Akilam 360 Tamil TV SHOWS on Mukil TV

Akilam 360 is a Tamil radio show airing at 12.30 PM IST every day. The program is a News Bulletin, which is broadcasted on the internet via Mukilapp. ‘Akilam’ means international and the aim of this radio show is to reach out the audiences all over the world, along with providing global news to those listening. Most recently, it has been hosted by RJ Siva, and previously by RJ Bharathi. The specialty of Akilam 360 lies in its deliverance not only of daily news, but also of other aspects of the happenings around the world. The program lasts for a period of two hours and is further segmented. The first segment tackles the birth or death of famous personalities on that particular day in previous years. The next segment deals with looking into the past for significant events, which may have occurred on the same day, which may include any important events that are historically significant.

The third slot of the show gives us a look into use of household items for curing illness and for providing convenient solutions that do not require a visit to the pharmacy, an important skill to circumvent modern medicine. The fourth segment looks into famous battles and warfare that have altered the course of history and have led humanity to its current status. The final segment attempts to explain prior incidents and their overall influence on the modern world. The difference is that it, attempts to do so in a more political context rather than a historical one.

The host of the show digs into the incident of a political nature and clarifies the exact implications of the case, which is being looked into. Mukilapp brings this show, along with many others, to provide an online entertainment to a widespread audience. The site provides a medium for people living outside of the country to have access to shows such as Akilam 360. The unique nature of the show lies in the well-roundedness of the news items being delivered, adding in elements of historical value, as well as scientific facts. The decoding of the complex world of politics is an aspect, which is not covered by other news outlets and yet another cause for placing Akilam 360 a cut above the rest. This take on the news that is not provided elsewhere make this show a ‘must-listen’ for all.