Tamil Tv Show Agni Paritchai

Agni Paritchai  Tamil INTERVIEWS on PuthuYugam TV

“Agni Paritchai with Seeman”, is a television show in Tamil. It is a one-on-one interview television show or can also be called a talk show. Needless to say that it is in the regional dialect of Tamil Nadu. It interviews famous icons from Tamil Nadu and is telecasted once a week, every Saturday at 07:30 p.m. on Puthya Thakimivay. The show has a very simple plot. It is basically an interview session, where the host questions the guests very thoroughly such that all the questions he asks are absolutely straight forward. The host coerce the guest to answer every question with sheer detailing and accuracy, as he/she has the liberty to reply with. The show has a great line-up. The guests are all famous icon figures, natives of Tamil Nadu from various fields such as films, politics etc.

P Chidambaram, Subramanian Swamy Subramanian Swamy is an Indian politician. He serv >> Read More... , MK Alagiri, Kamal Hasan are some guests who have appeared on the show. Well-known people who have made their mark in their respective fields, are usually interviewed on the programme. Being in the Tamil language, the show can easily be watched by a lot of localites of the state and people who are fluent in the dialect. Given this, the show serves as a rescue to the masses who are not able to update themselves with the latest happenings of their interested fields because of language being a barrier. The show discusses very delicate, raging and latest issues all around the world with its guests. The atmosphere on the show is such that, it gives out a rather serious tone of a thorough Q/A session where in, nothing but the truth can be spilled out by its guests.

As the show is aired at a decent hour on a Saturday evening, the working class can easily sit back and catch up with this rather interesting round of Q/As. Also, the show is just a half an hour program, hence the interviews are quite crisp and short. It can be seen that the show is well-balanced as the questions put up by the host are neither overly penetrating into the guests’ point of view nor is completely oblivious to it. Although, the questions might be focusing on the guest’s involvement too much, yet they are far from sounding politically incorrect or causing offense to its guests or viewers. Not to miss, an insight of the guests’ life can also be known. The host asks the guests some personal questions, such as how they got into the profession they are in, or whom they idealise, etc.. Agni Paritchai, living up to its meaning ‘introduction to fire’ has all in all achieved its motive of being a very interactive Q/A session, and befitting the category of being a one-on-one interview show.