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Adhu Idhu Edhu is a game show anchored by Ma Ka Pa Anand. The game has three participants. As a new concept, the participants are given 1000 points at the beginning of the show itself and for each round points are deducted/not deducted based on their performance. The first round is called “Groupla Dupe.” In this round, three people of the same profession are called. Out of the three, two of them are actual professionals whereas the third person is trained to act like a professional.

The guests have to press the buzzer first to choose the dupe. The contestants are given two chances – in the first chance the first person pressing the buzzer has the advantage of choosing any of the three and the person who selects the last will be left with the choice not already chosen. In the second chance, the professionals will individually perform, and the guests can change their previous choices at the cost of 100 points. Finally, the non-professional is revealed and every participant making a wrong guess loses 200 points.

The second round is “Siricha Pochu” whereby comedians are trying to make the three contestants laugh with their antiques. The contestant laughing loses points once again – highest of 300 points lost by the contestant who laughs first. The last round is the “Mathi Yosi” round whereby the anchor will ask questions, and the guests are supposed to give completely unrelated answers. The person who gives relevant answers in the shortest duration loses maximum points – 300. This show is aired every Saturday on Vijay TV.

Another version of this story...

Adhu Idhu Edhu an extraordinary Spoof cum Fun cum Game cum Interview show, telecasted in Star Vijay television from 2011 on Saturday nights. To be precious, this is ONE & ONLY show of its kind; no other channels have even tried to imitate this show or create a show competing for this show. The popularity gained to this show due to 2 major reason – One the host Siva Karthikeyan, who was a well renowned Stand-up Comedian and Mimicry artist who later became the Super-Hot Charming hero of the Kollywood.

The Second is the core three Guests who are invited for the game cum interview show every week, being all three were a famous celebrity from the Kollywood and would be the latest talk of the town folks. And the host Siva Karthikeyan, who constantly pulls the legs of the guests which was never done before in the television history due to the status of the guests. From August 2012, Ma Ka Pa Anand became the host instead of Siva Karthikeyan due to his schedule with Kollywood film industry. Siva Karthikeyan has acted as Hero in the movies Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, Ethir Neechal Click to look into! >> Read More... , Varuthapadadha Valibar Sangam, Marina, Manam Kothi Paravai Click to look into! >> Read More... and much more.

Being born on February 17, 1985, he has won Best Anchor award from Vikatan, Best Debut Actor Techofs, Mudhal Moovar Award, Women Exclusive Magazine Award, Behind Woods gold medal, Best Entertainer award from Neeya Naana Awards, Pride of Vijay TV award and much more. His Grand Father was a Padmashree award winner being a Nathaswaram music player. Ma Ka Pa previously worked as an RJ in Radio Mirchi Dubai and currently acted in movies Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Click to look into! >> Read More... , Panjumitai, and Atti.

The game cum interview show involves three rounds of tasks. Each Player, who are also the guests, are provided with a thousand points as the start of the show and will lose points at every level based on their performance in that round. The one with the maximum number of points left on their plate at the end of all three rounds announced the winner of the game, the next with high points as Runner-up. And the third player is announced as Chief Guest, who takes the privilege of distributing the prizes to the winners and runners. First round Group la dupu, is finding a Duplicate person out of 3 who seems to be of the same profession, like 2 original dancers and 1 nondancer and the one who finds the exact nondancer wins. Second round Siricha Pochu, where the guests will be made to see a Comedy performance but should no laugh, the one who do not laugh is the winner of the round. The third round is Maathi Yosi, where the host asks the question and the guest should give an irrelevant answer. If he responds with a relevant answer, he is lost the round.

Another version of this serial...

Adhu Idhu Edhu is a well known Tamil celebrity show which will be telecasted in Vijay Television. This show is shown on this TV of every Saturday night and was first hosted by Sivakarthikeyan. He is an actor now and was not hosting the show nowadays. During his host time, he was a very successful anchor to make this show a grand success. Later on, Ma Ka Pa Anand is the current host who is hosting the show in the same manner. This show always invites three celebrities, and the show will have three rounds in common.

The celebrities are provided with thousand points when they started the program, and they will lose the point round by round according to their play. Round one is finding the odd man out which in that show called as Group la Dupe. In this round, three participants will come from the same profession like tailors; workers, etc. out of one will be odd man. There will be two chances to lock the odd man, one by seeing them and then by their performance. The celebrities have to find the odd man and will lock them.

The winner will not lose a point, and the other two will lose their point. Round two is called Siricha Pochu which is Lose if you laugh. A bunch of comedians will come and make performance in front of the celebrities and make them laugh, the person who laughs will lose the point. Likewise, the round three is Maathi Yosi, which is Think Differently. The host will ask questions to celebrities individually, and the participants have to answer irrelevant to the question and will not use one word and think. Finally, the person with high score is considered to be the winner.