Tamil Tv Show Aanmeega Sorpolivu

The show is broadcasted on Captain TV (It is a Tamil TV channel which is owned by the Tamil actor – Vijaykanth). The show broadcasts the spiritual discourse of a spiritual Guru, who explains the significance of various scriptures and then goes on to explain the scriptures. The show is broadcast every day on Captain TV and was first started in early 2013.Traditionally, spirituality used to refer to the religious process of re-formation wherein one aims to conform to the original shape of a man, in the mould that God made for us according to the various religions (in Islam it is the Prophet, in Christianity, it is the Christ, in Buddhism it is Buddha).

This show puts emphasis on the fact that,spirituality is a subjective experience, where one experiences a sacred or higher dimension and finds the realization of the deepest values according to which people live. The show discusses modern spirituality as a belief in a supernatural or higher realm,which leads to personal growth, and tries to explain the ultimate quest for meaning in life. The show explains how realisation can be found both within and without, and how all religions final aim is the same, irrespective of the number of deities the religion has. The show explains spirituality in the Hindu context, where it is an individual experience, and is referred to as ‘Kshaitragya’.

It defines spiritualism as one's journey towards moksha - an awareness of one’s true self, and the discovery of the true nature of reality – ‘ Maya’. The show explains through the discussion of various Vedic scriptures how we can escape the trap of Maya and find inner peace, i.e. harmonise oneself with the one true being ‘Brahman’. The show also explains the discourses in various scriptures like the Gita, the Upanishads, and the Vedas, and strives to explain how to live a happy and meaningful life filled with contentment. The show explains the 4 paths of spiritual practice, Jnana - the path of knowledge, Bhakti - the path of devotion, Karma Yoga - the path of selfless action, and finally Raja Yoga - the path of contemplation and meditation (first explained and conceived by the renowned Indian Philosopher - Swami Vivekananda). The show enlightens us as to the method through which we can a content life and achieve fulfilment irrespective of what path of life one is on.