Tamil Tv Show Aaniye Pudunga Venam

 Aaniye Pudunga Venam Tamil TV SHOWS on IBC Tamil

Youth are the face of tomorrow. Young people are the majority of the population in India. The Television industry keeps the entire youth population in mind while launching a show. Any show that is liked by youngsters get high ratings and the shows have large number of audiences. There are many shows that have been based on college attending youth. These programs are highly fun to watch and exciting too. ‘Aaniye Pudunga Venam’ is one of the most popular shows that feature the college students. It is highly famous amongst the young people of the south region. The program has a unique and interesting format and the show was aired on the IBC Tamil TV Network.

The show begins with a humorous introduction of the program’s name. The anchor then gives a brief introduction and goes to different colleges in different episodes. Every college that he visits, there are groups of students with whom he interacts. He gives a situation or a question, and every student provides his/her view on it. The students give humorous answers, and after every student’s answer, there is a humorous dialogue from the Tamil movies that would be displayed on the screen as a reaction to the humorous answers given by the students. The question answer round is followed by various dancing and singing rounds.

The students of the colleges either sing the lyrics of a particular song or enact a video clip from any movie or perform various dance steps on famous songs. The host of the show plays the main character in this program. He is the one who travels to different colleges and interacts with different students. The host goes to groups of girls and boys sitting on their college campus and asks them about their personal life as well as their love life. The show cast and crew members also travel with the host. The show provides an overall entertainment to the viewers.

Young students who are not very expressive in their day to day life get a platform to express themselves and their feelings. Friends get to know each other better, and they develop great bonds between them. The students of various colleges also get to know each other and the games played in the show also provides a lot of fun to the viewers as well as participants. This show is telecasted at a prime time thus making it easy for the viewers to watch it. This show is probably the only show that has featured in the Tamil region and focuses on the youngsters.