Tamil Tv Show Aalaya Vazhipadu

Aalaya Vazhipadu Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

We all believe in god. We all can feel his vibes. At times when nothing feels right, the only who comes in mind is the Lord. We trust his actions blindly and never doubt what he gives us. At the end of every sad situation, he does bring us something good. And that is why we believe that he does everything for a reason. Apart from our believes, we love listening to his tales. We enjoy listening to his divine stories, which make us feel happy about his presence, and our trust in him increases. We worship him from the core of our heart and with immense love and devotion, we pray to him and celebrates each of his occasions. Being a part of this diverse country where every corner of the country celebrate each of the holy festivals in their way, we are often unaware of the ways they celebrate them.

To make the viewers about the different cultures and the way they worship their lords in temples, Sun TV has brought of its kind show called Aalaya Vazhipaadu. It is a spiritual show aired in the Tamil language. The program brings you the devotional songs sung by the people in temples and the way the locals worships their lords on auspicious occasions. Along with this, it also helps the viewers to gain knowledge about the history of those temples and the shrines. It gives them an exposure to know the story behind their making and what is it well known for. The information doesn’t limit only to one city, but the history of the temples and shrines from state and country is also given to the viewers. The show gives vast content about the different rituals and customs followed in different temples India. To listen to such amazing stories about the holy places in the country, stay tuned to Aalaya Vazhipaadu.