Tamil Tv Show Aalaya Vazhipaadu

Aalaya Vazhipaadu is a religious series which got aired on the Sun TV channel. It is a Tamil language show which got broadcasted every Friday in the 6:00 AM time slot. The program takes us on a spiritual journey and features a variety of devotional songs which get dedicated to the deities. It covers the techniques of worshipping in the numerous divine and pious temples upon the celebration of different sacred occasions in India. It journeys and takes the audience members along with itself to the recognizable shrines located in and around the city, or the state and even all across the country’s length and breadth.

The host of the show presents a lot of interesting tidbits of information which are all related to the various customs as well as rituals which get followed in the different temples all over India. This religious program is unique in the sense that it allows us to visit almost all the revered temples. These could belong to any surrounding region and provide us with access right from within the comfort of our own living room. We get to learn a lot about the numerous deities who get worshiped along with the historical facts regarding the temples.

The program transports all the viewers across the interiors of the various temples which get found all over India along with a narration regarding the inherent specialties of these temples as well as the deities enshrined within. It is a spiritualistic journey added a layer of self-realization by means of a virtual trip to these revered Indian temples. This trip gives a feeling of having a personal presence within the holy grounds without stepping out of our homes, including theoffering of artis and prayers to the deities who get worshiped in those temples. The program hence features the wide variety of temple worshipping and its associated activities in addition to the hymns which get dedicated to these Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

The viewers get to share a deep feeling of spirituality through this virtual journey provided by means of visiting these popular Indian shrines as well as offering prayers. The show gives some fascinating insights into the colorful universe of the Hindu deities along with the various spots of worship. It is truly a treasure trove consisting of information about the Hindu Gods and Goddesses along with the temples and their inherent symbolism, the sanctity of these sites. It also acts as a celebration of the great heritage of art in India.