Tamil Tv Show Aadai Paathi Anigalan Meethi

Aadai Paathi Anigalan Meethi Tamil TV SHOWS on Mega TV

Paathi Anigalan Meethi is a television show that airs on Mega TV. It is a promotional show that gives you useful information about sarees, having a runtime of one hour. Sarees is something admired by all. It enhances the beauty of an Indian girl or women. There are different types like designer, cotton, crepe, silk, etc. In the episode aired on 21 June 2013, the host explains different cotton sarees. The shop shortlisted for the show for this episode is Chitras Valasaravakkam in Chennai. He points out the present trends that are followed by many girls.

Cotton sarees are comfortable, usually preferred during the wedding seasons. Nowadays, the designer cotton sarees with embroidery are old fashioned. He points out the beauty of the plain sarees with borders and the stripped ones which take the beauty of a typical Indian girl to another level. He showed sarees of different sizes, colours, and types. He highlighted beautiful cotton traditional sarees in vibrant colours like wine, bottle green, yellow, orange, etc. and explained how contrasting and highlighting colours can make you look attractive.

Then he proceeded to presenting magnificent ready-made hand woven sarees. In the episode telecasted on 5 July 2013, he opened the curtains to reveal some cute crepe and printed sarees. The first one was a cream coloured saree with black lining and grey printed flower designs at the borders which would suit the college going students and looked very trendy. These sarees were light in weight and cheaper than the cotton sarees. They could be used for daily office wear and gave you a slim look.

He brought up an important topic, the price of these sarees. He then explains the difference in prices of the sarees and range of the prices available. He estimated that those printed sarees would be in the range of Rs 400-1000, which is easy on the pocket. Apart from this we also get to see ready-made dresses and tops. It covers the “super-hit collection” part of the show. The section that shows the dresses and tops targets the college-going crowd whereas saree section is for the office-going ones or aspiring brides.