Tamil Tv Show 4+2

4+2 Pongal Special Tamil TV SHOWS on MAKKAL TV

The Tamil TV Show 4+2 that is also currently aired in the Makkal TV is a very popular Show that focuses on latest technological innovation. The show has run around 20 episodes till date. The show has its main area around new bikes and cars and the various other trends in the automobile industry. The show has also been seen catering to the audience’s views on how to take care of the cars and the automobiles, its maintenance and the various other queries related to it.

The program is said to be one of the most watched and amazing programs of the automobile industry and is high in ratings among the Tamil TV channels showcasing the similarly themed programs. Other than the information about the various brands and the related, the show is also great on the trends that it sets. It premiers all the newly released cars and makes sure that the audience has it all well reviewed before they head to the next showroom.

The program mainly focuses on aspects like technical information about the car, its improvement and thereby provides an all round review on how the new car is. It exhibits various models of car brands as well as other automobiles, reviews the latest trend, compares with the earlier versions and also showcases the latest information. It should be compulsorily watched by all the automobile experts and those who are looking forward to buying a new car. It is only necessary to state that the show is high all its levels- the cars that are very well reviewed, the technical aspects to the reviews, the take on the maintenance aspect, the brands, the comparative viewpoint and also how all these are clubbed into a perfect balance making it both enjoyable as well as informative.

The show not only profits and educates the automobile addicts, but also anybody who wishes to have a dream fulfilled through buying a car. The program has a rich content and is very well connected on the social media platform with its audience. Every consumer has a right to know about the product that he is going to buy. When it comes to a car, the risk factor is more as there is not any adequate knowledge system whereby the person comes to know of the car other than the company’s promotional website. In such a sphere, programs such as 4+2 highly benefit's the audience who also includes wannabe car buyers.