Tamil Tv Serial Word Girl

Word Girl Tamil TV SERIALS on Chithiram TV

Word Girl is an American children's animated television series which is been translated to the Tamil language. This series is also known as "The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl," which was created by "Dorathea Gillim." The original story starts with A girl with superpowers, whose secret identity is Becky, a student. She was born in fictional planet lexicon, but she was sent back in a spaceship and sleeping there when she was 4. Captain Huggy Face, a monkey who was a pilot in the lexicon air force, piloted the ship but lost the control and landed on Earth, where the word girl affords her power. Word girl was adapted and provided an alter ego by Tim and Sally Botsford, who gave her name "Becky."

The Botsford family keeps the Huggy face as the pet, naming him "Bob".becky attends Woodview Elementary school. WordGirl tries who lives in the city tries to balance her superhero activities with her "normal” life. She battles against an assortment of villains, but at the same time, she must worry about maintaining her second life as Becky It was started in the year 2006, but Chithiram Tv dubbed it and started telecasting it in the year 2014. the voice over for Becky/WordGirl is Dannah Phirman, and for the huggy face, is done by James Adomian