Tamil Tv Serial Washingtonil Thirumanam

Washington Thirumanam Tamil Tv serials

The marriage has its own importance in every religion. Even though, the tradition of the marriage depends on the geographical culture as well. Everyone wants to do wedding ceremony in their own way. We all have too much fun on this occasion. Imagine if the marriage of the person is to plan in Washington what will be the scenario for this? On this concept, the Washingtonil Thirumanam was made. It has got the popularity from the various stage of the audience.

The genre of the serial is the comedy which will give you hilarious laugh. The laughter show always remains in demand. In India, the foreign countries are always the point of curiosity. The people want to know the culture, tradition, and everything about the western culture. The Washingtonil Thirumanam is base on the story of the marriage ceremony of the typical Indian family in the Washington. It is the Tamil language serial. In this, you will find the tradition of Tamil brings in the Washington for the purpose of the marriage. The culture of the India is always the attraction of the foreigners. In this serial, you will have the laugh because it is the amalgamation of the typical Indian culture on the western land.

All the character, script, drama has grabbed the attention of the viewers on the television screen. In the Washingtonil Thiruma, all the things were brought from India to Washington. In all this part, you will get the entertainment in all points. The serial has wrapped up in the year 2012 but after this serial, it has many parts alive on the screen. There are various watchers of this serial on the You Tube as well. If you wish to catch the episodes of the serial then you must grab it online.

The craze of the serial is not declining with the time.The Washingtonil Thiruma is in the eye of everyone when it was written by Thiru. The Thiru has written the story and, it got the publicity. It gets featured in the magazines as well. The Thiru Chinthralaya Gopu has caught this opportunity for the Washingtonil Thiruma. He has given the direction to the serial. He has also given his contribution for the screenplay. The main essence of any serial is the dialogue. He made this script worthy by his dialogues. You want to enjoy the drama of the wedding then, you must catch it.