Tamil Tv Serial Vizhuthugal

Vizhuthugal Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Vizhuthugal is a Tamil serial which is aired on Sundays. The show is about how to live your life better, how you can improve it by following basic things which if done daily can have a huge impact on the life of a person. As times change, so does people's schedules. There is no longer any time for people to concentrate on their physical health. Money has become important for people than it was ever before. While it is important, it is not that important to lose your health over it.

It had been said that people have begun to sacrifice their health to earn money, and then they use that money to get back their health. It does sound like a fair bargain, but the problem is that it isn't so. Vizuthugal, in its one-hour episode, gives advice on how to deal with life better. The people in the show teach us many methods which can be useful for releasing stress. Negativity needs to be eliminated from the body of a person. It brings a person down, and it also spreads among other people, bringing them down too.

Exercising is the best medicine a person can have. Not all exercises are meant for everyone. Some might find it easier to do squats while some might not be able to balance themselves and won't be able to do squats. The serial shows us various exercises which can be done by us on a daily basis. It also talks about how a particular exercise will affect our body. Vizhuthugal is different from most other TV serials of a similar genre.

The other serials depend on astrology and numerology, and then they talk about how you should do everything in alignment to the stars. Worshipping God in this manner will shower your family with health and wealth. These shows are meant for the delusional people who actually think that what the host says is right, and if they follow it they will gain prosperity.

Vizhuthugal doesn't talk about anything like that. It sounds practical and gives advices which can followed by anyone and are easy to believe. It is not aired on a mainstream TV channel, and is not well known among the intended audience. The host and the guest are seated in an open garden with a table in front of them. There is tea kept on the table.