Tamil Tv Serial Vinayagar Thiruvilayadal



Vinayagar thiruvilayadal was a serial dubbed from hindi and was telecasted in Sun Tv in 2011.The music was by Kirithaya, with Manikkavinayagam lending his voice to the title song. The serial was shown as Lord Vinayagar as the God with strong power and he always protects and Saves his devotees, who believe in him. He saves a man in the deathbed, who prays Vinayagar and is a true devotee. As all the dubbed serials, this too made the viewers glued sit to the screen ,by the difference in culture and the excitement to know and explore the culture in North India. The vinayagar is called as Ganesh and Ganpath in north. The majestic voice of the singer Manikka vinayagam, was very well enjoyed by the viewers.

The serial showed the sincere devotees of Vinayagar, who in spite of the twists and turns in their lives with various situations are blessed by the Lord at the end .The scenes shown when arthi was performed and the scenes of prayers ,were such naturally shot, which depicted the typical poojas conducted in the temples. The serial received the fame and followers almost of all ages and received appreciations in huge numbers. The serial was directed and produced with the aim to show the power of Vinayagar.