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Vikaramathithanin Simhasanam is the Tamil version of the Hindi daily soap Singhasan Battisi Singhasan Battisi is a Hindi TV serial which was a >> Read More... . Singhasan Battisi, as it means from the title, is a collection of Indian folk tales. There are thirty-two such folk tales for the throne. In the eleventh century, a king called Bhoja had accidently discovered the sacred Throne of Vikramaditya. The throne of Vikramaditya is surrounded by thirty-two statues of beautiful ladies. These were once living ladies who used to be the most beautiful people in the world.

They were cursed and turned to statues to protect the throne. Each one of them then tells Bhoja a story about the adventures of Vikramaditya. These stories include his strength, valor, determination, and everything which Bhoja can never be. They tell him these stories because they want to show him that Vikramaditya was a great king, and he, Bhoja, can never be near him, and also he doesn't deserve to be sitting on his throne. Once in a small village, a group of boys were playing a game.

Suddenly a dispute arose between them, and they needed a middleman to solve it. A young boy took the courage to sit on a mould and deliver the decision. Such was his decision that both the parties were amazed, and they accepted it without any hesitation. Soon whenever there was a dispute, the boy would sit on the mould and deliver a just decision.

Not only boys but people from the village went to the boy for his help, and he would deliver such decisions which would be accepted by everybody. The news of the boy soon reaches King Bhoja. Bhoja is the ruler, and it is he who should be giving just and fair decisions. Layer he gets to know that without sitting on that mould, the boy cannot deliver his decision.

The King goes to the village and orders to dig the mould up. It is later found out that this is the throne of the ancient ruler Vikramaditya, who is known for giving just decisions. When King Bhoja sits on the throne, the statutes comes to life and a beautiful lady is in front to him. She tells the King stories about Vikramaditya. Each statue keeps coming to life, and they keep telling him stories.