Tamil Tv Serial Vidhi

Vidhi  Tamil TV SERIALS on SUN TV

Vidhi is a Tamil romance and drama written by Thavan Suppaiya and Marudhu Shankar, who also wrote the dialogues for the characters. Lidya Paul developed the story, and Stalin Iniya and Guru Balan directed it. A typical Tamil soap which involves love, heartbreak, and romance, this won the hearts of the Tamil audience.

It aired on Sun TV on March 6th, 2017, and it starts from 1 pm. The title track and songs were written and composed by Dhina and Vairamuthu. Karthik, the Tamil singer, sang the song “Vidhiye Vidhiye” as his debut. The characters are Nila played by Sreeja, Reshmi, Raghu played by Jegathish, and Ravi Raj, along with Azhagesan, Maragadham, and Dhinesh. They are the ones that play the leading roles and are vital to this show.

Nila is a housewife who is married to Raghu. Due to private reasons, both cannot bring a child into the world, so they decide to adopt one from an unmarried lady, Diya. Her husband Siddharth agrees to the adoption, but the twist arises when Raghu’s sister, Chitra gets married to him.

Problems find their way into this household as everyone notices the awkwardness of having the adopted child and his father in the same family but with different relations. The feeling turns into discontentment, and slowly it becomes resentment between the two parties. Diya is not happy with her husband getting remarried, that too with a close relative of the parent who adopted her child.

The animosity grows in the household and the feelings turn into verbal insults and abuses on each other as they try to manage the situation. Siddharth is attracted to Chitra, and they are not willing to separate when her brother tries to convince her. Meanwhile, they consider taking away his child, but it is more complicated than that as the adoption papers are already signed, and the agency managed the entire process.

To keep the child, the families must come to a consensus. They should be in agreement with each other. But staying calm is something that seems impossible in these situations. As the show goes on, the viewers can only be updated with each episode and find out what happens next.