Tamil Tv Serial Veeran Thalabathi Sundaralingam

Veeran Thalabathi Sundaralingam Tamil Tv serials

There are many television serials which are about the freedom fighters of the country. There were more than thousands of freedom fighters from all over the county who gave their lives for the good of the nation. All of them must be remembered in the same manner as you cannot put a value on one's contribution to the cause. All of them had played an important role in the freedom of India and they all must be remembered by the people of this country. It is reasonable to expect that nobody will know about every single one of them.

What we can do is portray the people from our state in a good light. Veeran Thalabathi Sundaralingam is one such fighter who gave his life for freedom against the British. He died in 1799. There is confusion related to the year of his death. According to some historical accounts, he died in the year 1801. He was the general of Poligar Veerapandiya Katabomman.

He died at an age where there was nobody with enough strength to fight against the British. The first revolt took place in 1815, and his death occurred years before it. He has been recognized as a cult hero among many provinces of the state of Tamil Nadu. The government has also constructed a statue in his honour. He is the son of Pandiyan Kattana Karuppanan. The show on him is not like a normal serial where an actor portrays his role. Given that he was killed early, even before the freedom movement began to take shape, the producers thought that it will be wise not spending money on somebody who wouldn't be recognized by most of the people.

The serial mostly consists of his images being shown in a slide show manner while the narration about his life is being heard. In the olden times, people would get themselves painted as there were no cameras. His portraits are shown on television. His tomb and the real life places honored by him are also shown in the serial. He fought in the First Polygar War, and also in the Second Polygar War. He has recognized as a cultural icon of Devendrakula Velalar.