Tamil Tv Serial Veera Marthandan

Veera Marthandan Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Veer Marthandan is a Tamil television show, which used to be shown on Zee Tamizh. It is a television series which is based on Indian mythology. This series had been a dubbed version of Jai Malhar, a Marathi television series. The original series accumulated a lot of popularity in the early days of its telecasting. The title, in particular, became very famous and popular during its period of telecasting. The efforts put forth by the actors on this show had also been very much appreciated by its viewers. The story of this show had been based on an avatar of Lord Shiva, known as Lord Khandoba. His full name is Lord Martanda Bahirava, which means “reincarnation of Lord Shiva.” This show focuses on the qualities Lord Khandoba magnanimity, his sheer courage, and his prowess. He is well known by the name of Malhar in parts of Maharashtra. He is worshiped religiously by people across Maharashtra and beyond as the family guardian or deity of many.

The devotion towards him by his devotees is, popularly, expressed by yelling or chanting aloud the phrase, “Yelkot Yelkot Jai Malhar.” The city of Jejuri, in Maharashtra, is the first famous shrine of worship for Lord Khandoba. This place gets populated heavily throughout the year when people and devotees come here to worship Lord Khandoba. Lord Khandoba has always been seen and portrayed as a superpower, as the symbol of excellence, and regarded as the God of love. He had been taken as a superhero amongst the young generation.

The lead character in this show had been of Lord Shiva, Khandu Gavda, and Lord Khandoba. It had been played by Devdatta Nage. The role of Goddess Parvati, in the parallel lead, had been played by Gauri Sukhtankar. Surabhi Hande had been seen playing the character of Mhalsa. Isha Keskar had played Jayadri and Goddess Banai's role. Master Shanay Bhise had enacted the role of Lord Ganesha. Nakul Ghanekar had portrayed Lord Vishnu. Purva Neelima Shubhash plays the role of Goddess Lakshmi. Anirudhha Vinayak Joshi had played the Narada's character. Akshay Milind Dandekar plays as Nandi. Siddhesh Prabhakar had played Lord Surya's role. Arti More had portrayed the character of Latika. Priyanka Waman had described the role of Manji. Mahesh Phalke had played the enactment of Ranga. Anjali Valsangkar had played the role of Shevanti. And finally, the character of Lord Indra had been performed by none other than, Swapnil Rajshekhar.