Tamil Tv Serial Uyirmei

Uyirmei Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil

‘Bhushan Kalyan’, an Indian Tamil director, after working with the famous filmmaker ‘Mani Ratnam’ decided to create his show called Uyirmei. There are many shows which air outside India and have a great impact on our Indian audience. They gained so much popularity in our country because of their uniqueness and creative storyline; one such show was “Grey’s Anatomy”. Uyirmei’s inspiration was the American show Grey’s Anatomy. The show aired from 18th August 2014 till 30th Jan 2015 on Zee Thamizh and was a hit among the audience.

Bhushan Kalyan directed the starting episodes, but after some days director ‘Sundar K. Vijayan’ took over the show. It was not an easy job as the hopes were already high because it was inspired by the famous American television show Grey’s Anatomy. It had a big cast including a lot of famous actors. Though Grey’s Anatomy was the show’s inspiration, the creators added a lot of distinctiveness and spices making it a lot better and captivating.

The show revolves around twelve doctors, their lives, families and their patients. The show revolves around the life of Dr. Dayanand, who is the founder of Dayanand Medical Foundation. Dr. Dayanand granted full authority of the hospital to Kavitha ('Amala') making her the new successor. The real problem arises when Dr. Dayanand falls ill; the poor father did not know that his children were more interested in his property.

Kavitha was managing the hospital superbly but did not know what fate was planning for her. Dr. Dayanand’s sons tried every possible way to bring down Kavitha but Kavitha was an ambitious lady and despite every conspiracy she stayed sturdy. But things went from bad to worse when Dr. Dayanand died; the story follows the struggle of Kavitha to keep the hospital running and protecting it from his evil sons.

There are much more interesting characters like 'Srithika' as Bhuvana Natarajan, ‘Praveen’ as Dr. Mano Arunmani, ‘Vineeth’ as Tamilselvan and the famous ‘Gibran Osman’ as Karan Bhalla in the show which entertained the audience a lot. The show offers a lot of romance and thrill binding the audience together. It shows how the concept of love has evolved over a period. 

The show was a huge success among all the age groups, this creation of Bhushan Kalyan is remembered for a long period and we expect that he would come up with something beautiful like this very soon.