Tamil Tv Serial Uthiri Pookal

Other names of : Uthiripookkal
Uthiri Pookal Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Uthiri Pookkal” is a successful teleserial telecast in the Tamil channel Sun TV. It is the story of a good individual who adopts three children and brings them up with care and affection. He is not a rich person, but he gives his best to his children. But, when they come to know that they are not his real children, huge drama follows. Especially because the original father and mother return asking to have their children back. So the children are forced to decide if they want to live with the father who cared for them all these years, or return to the real father and mother who deserve their affection too. They try to do something in between which is not working, which causes lots of problems to everyone involved. This family drama tells this story with the right mix of suspense in it.

This serial’s storyline was originally created by Ka. Su. It was enhanced further by the story skills of E. Vikkiramaathithan, C. U. Muthuchelvan. Among these, E. Vikkiramathithan is the director of this serial and C. U. Muthuchelvan wrote the screenplay. Dialogues were written by famous author Pa. Raghavan. Main star cast in this serial include 'Chetan', 'Manasa', 'Vadivukkarasi', 'Sharavan', 'Karna', 'Sadhasivam' and Harikrishnan.

“Uthiri Pookkal” is well known for its title song. It was shot in a different manner as a Therukoothu (a popular art form in Tamil Nadu). This song was composed by Ilakkiyan, written by famous lyricist 'Yugabharathi', sung by playback singer Solar Sai. Rest of the music for this serial was provided by Kiran, Editing was handled by Singai V. Raju and Camera work was by Sakithya Seenu. Creative head for this serial is Sujatha Vijayakumar who produced this serial too, along with K. Vijaykumar. This team worked very hard to make it a successful serial.

Another version of this story...
Uthiri Pookal is a fantastic Tamizh serial that was telecasted on Sun TV. It started on 14th November 2011 and was running from Monday to Friday. It is a story about a feud among brothers and rages for many years together. The kids of the elder brother are being kidnapped by the younger one and he raises them as his own children. He willfully does this to spite his elder brother and the crux of the story is all about how he raises them though he faced tough challenges and hurdles. Chetan is the younger brother and raises his brother’s kid with great affection, passion and love. Vadivukkarsi also plays a lead role. The story unfolds many twists and new plots as it progresses.

The third one (daughter) of Chetan is a very bold and straight forward girl with advance thinking. The difference is that this story is no way connected to a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law characters and is about an individual who forcefully fights the original father of the kids and raises them in a way they do not feel like missing their original father. However, due to various reasons the serial was dragging and became boring at a point, however, finally it ended up on a good note as all serials does.