Tamil Tv Serial Uravugal Sangamam

Uravugal Sangamam Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv
Uravugal sangamam, was telecasted in Raj TV .The story revolved around the families, especially, the three families, which were considered as main in the serial. The three families were in a way responsible for the happenings and their problems .It showed the way, how the three families, committed small mistakes, knowingly and unknowingly and that lead to huge problems. It shows the way they are pardoned or punished. But in the turn of events, at a certain point of life, they realize, find solutions and come together. The coming together of them with happiness at the end is “Uravugal sangamam”. The whole serial, cautions the people about the known mistakes and unknown mistakes. It shows how, we should think twice before our commitment and how far we should be sincere about the commitments. The director deserves much appreciation for showing the situations as real. The quarrel between the neighbours, the love of a sister towards her brother and many more scenes are shot as naturally happened.

The story was beautifully knitted in a way , that it made the viewers ,feel like the events had happened in their own families.

With a bunch of talented actors like Yuvarani,Vadivukkarasi,Shyam ganesh, Venkat, Durga, Pooja, Devikiruba, Nagalakshmi, Dev, AjayRatnam, Pandu, Azhagu, Nithya, Kumaresan, Shanthi Williams, Rajsekar , Shobana and others, The serial, Uravugal Sangamam, earned applause for the theme and the middle class family subjects ,their feuds,problems, financial crisis etc. Pooja as sandhya,Shyam Ganesh as Goutham, Yuvarani as sister ,Shobana as Lakshmi, Venkat as her son Mangesh, Vadivukkarasi, Shanthi Williams , all have done the roles with dedication ,which was visible while watching the serial. Produced by Bharathi Associates and Directed By Vijay. S.Kumar, the serial had the privilege of actress Sukanya lending her voice to the title song, for the music scored by Babu Ganesh.