Tamil Tv Serial Unarvugal

Unarvugal Tamil Tv serials on Puthuyugam tv

Unarvugal is a love based drama TV show which came on the on the channel Puthuyugam TV. The serial is a Tamil one that came on Monday to Friday in the half hour time slot of 8 PM to 8:30 PM. The show ran strongly for several months on the channel. It got viewed on a daily basis and enjoyed huge loyalty from the fans. In fact, the show provided a welcome relief from the regular programming which was majorly a mix of different soap operas. Combined with the excellent acting skills displayed by the cast members made it an instant hit amongst the audiences.

As the story of the series kicks off, we get introduced to the leading ladies. They are both strong independent women but who come from vastly different backgrounds. Things take a turn when they both fall in love with the same man. They both attempt to impress him and grab his attention. What continues from there is a highly gripping and emotional drama which revolves around both of these women. They become relentless in the pursuit of attempting to get his attention and make him fall in love with them. Both of these women try everything in their power. They even cross paths and try to make the other stay away from the man of their dreams.

From here on we witness a power struggle between the two as they keep facing off against one another. Their destinies become intertwined, and they both attempt to make the best of the situation through the various twists and turns of fate. The series presents a powerful love triangle developing between these three as both women stake their claim over the man they love. They go out of their way for proving they are the better pair for him and deserve to be with him. What follows is a maze of emotional turbulence with something or the other coming up across their way.

They, however, do not give up and try to stay ahead of the other woman at all times.The series became immensely popular amidst all members of society and gets followed even today. This helped it in developing a sizable fan following who tuned in regularly.