Tamil Tv Serial Tulasi

Tulasi Telugu tv-serials on YouTube Channel

Tulasi is a Tamil soap which is telecasted on Zee Tamil. Tulasi is the eldest daughter of her family. As she is in a traditional Tamil family, being the eldest comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to behave nicely with everyone and be a role model for younger siblings. Tulasi is everything that a parent would want in her child. She takes care of her siblings and always listens to what her parents have to say.

She used to play with Selva since she was a kid. They both turned out to be good friends and everyone in the family thought that it would be great if the two cousins can get married. Selvi and Tulasi are happy about the decision, and they cannot wait to be with each other. Once they have grown up, their parents have fixed a date for their marriage, and now everything is in full flow.

Prasanna is working in the same company as Tulasi, and he is also her boss. He always uses his position as an advantage over her and tries to lure her towards him. Despite all his proposals and advances, Tulasi has no interest in her boss. In a traditional Tamilian family it is considered bad for the girl of the family to walk around with or be seen with some other man. Her parents are not aware of the situation she is dealing with her boss, and they are planning the wedding with full flow.

On the day of the wedding, Prasanna comes to the destination and openly declares his love for Tulasi. The marriage is canceled, and Tulasi’s parents have started to avoid her. The incident which happened at the wedding has put a blot on their family. They cannot command the same respect as they used to. Tulasi has left her job. With nobody supporting her, she has to think about herself and do what is necessary.

Selvi hasn't forgotten about the incident. He has abandoned Tulasi and left her to deal with Prasanna. Even his family has lost its image in front of everybody. Prasanna is not happy about his actions and wants to apologize. He is trying to find Tulasi, but nobody seems to have any idea about her whereabouts.