Tamil Tv Serial Thulasi

Thulasi Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil
Thulasi is a popular Tamizh serial that was aired on Zee Tamizh Network from Monday to Saturday from 7.30pm to 8pm. Thulasi is the family’s elder daughter. The entire plot of the story revolves around Thulasi who is a middle class girl who fights against all struggles in this fear-driven society. Thulasi loves Selvaraghavan who is the son of her maternal uncle. Fortunately, both the families agree for Thulasi and Selva’s marriage. Meanwhile, Thulasi is on her project visit to Mahabalipuram, a place very far away from the city of Chennai (about 80 kms). She is attacked by local rowdies there. In the spree of getting away from them, Thulasi runs and is being saved by a person called Prasanna. Actually, Prasanna is a womanizer and he does not reveal himself to Thulasi and makes her stay in his friend’s place.

His friend is a prostitute. Prasanna usually stays with her during weekends. The next day morning Prasanna leaves Thulasi in her home safely. Now starts the game. Both Thualsi’s parents and Selva along with his parents doubt the sanity of Thulasi as they find the truth about Prasanna. Because of this Prasanna’s mother stops their wedding. The remaining story is whether Thulasi proves herself and gets married to Selva or is trapped with Prasanna.