Tamil Tv Serial Thiruppaavai

Thiruppaavai with casting of Delhi Ganesh,Deepak, Chandrabose, Bhanumathi, Brindha, Sangeetha,Shobana, Usha, Nanjil Nalini, Abishek, Kaathaadi Ramamoorthi, Anuradha krishnamoorthi, Nithya,sangeetha, Vasu Vikram , the serial was telecasted in Sun Tv with a vast number Of Lord Perumal. Eventhough the serial is not about Lord Perumal and Andal, the theme was the same as that one.According to Thiruppaavai, the vedhas do not belong only to particular people.It belongs to all, whoever have faith.The actors have done an excellent job in this. Sangeetha as Kodhai was well appreciated. Deepak, as always had shown his excellent acting skills in this serial too. Singer Anuradha Krishnamoorthi has played the character of Ranganayaki. Delhi Ganesh as Desikachari.

The main story of the serial is about Abhinaya and Adhi, the serial was telecasted at noon, enabling the homemakers to enjoy the serial without the disturbance of others .The serial mostly shot in Uppiliyappan Kovil near Kumabakonam, it showed the life in that village , which was enjoyed well by the viewers. The main story depicted the theme of vedhas. One section of people believe that , we should follow the principles of vedhas, in all the situations either it is good or bad. The other section, say that, we can neglect some principles, when they obstruct us ,from doing good. The clash of these opinions and the difference in these is the main story line. In short ,it was the competition between Veadhantham and Sidhhantham. This story was different by normal soaps showing the rift between the mothers-in-law and daughters –in-law and different from stories showing the stereo type husbands, who find pleasure in torturing wives .The main lesson learnt this serial taught is, better talk to the dear and near from heart without any hesitations. Due to some situations and circumstances, many do not talk with the family and relatives, which leads to a rift.

The serial was one of the proud productions from Abhinaya Creations, produced by Radha Krishnaswamy, Direction and Story by J.K. The lyrics were penned by Kaadhalmathi, with the title song sung by singer Srinivas, which was a treat to hear. The brilliantly choreographed dance in this serial, danced by Deepak and Sangeetha, in Gokulastami function was a huge hit .Abinaya creations won the A.V.M Silver Rolling Troply,for the best production house, for Thiruppaavai serial in 2009,from the Mylapore Academy Drama Awards.