Tamil Tv Serial Thirumangalyam

Thirumangalyam Tamil tv-serials on Zee Tamil

Thirumangalyam is a Tamil television series. The show used to be telecasted on the popular channel of Zee Tamil on every weekday, from Monday to Friday, at 07:30 p.m. The premiering episode came on air on 10 November 2014 and continued till the mid of 2015, with the ending episode on 5 June. The series telecasted a total number of one hundred and forty-four episodes. The famous television face Sreevani appears in the shoes of the lead character Sandhya. Sridhar takes up the role of Sandhya’s lover and later, husband, Thiru Murugan.

The character of Vijakumar, who is Sandhya’s father, is played by the famous Ajay Rathnam. The story of the series centres the character Sandhya. She is the lead protagonist in the story, and it is her conflicts and journey of life that gets featured as the plot of this tale. She happens to be the daughter of Vijay Kumar, who happens to be the Assistant Commissioner of Police of the city. All her life she has seen her father getting his life on the line for his duty, and this has caused Sandhya to suffer a lot since childhood. Upon coming of age, she decides that she won’t marry a cop in any condition, as she wants to walk away from the pain and stress she has suffered since her childhood. She has seen the days and known what it is like to be related to a police officer, and she doesn’t want that any longer, especially in her married life.

All this while, destiny keeps on planning something else for her. One day in between her daily chores she comes across a man named Murugan and instantly falls for him. Unfortunately, Murugan turns out to be a police constable and Sandhya’s entire plan of not marrying a cop comes to a toss. After thinking a lot and objectifying she gives into her feelings for Murugan and marries him. After her marriage, although she is married she can’t take in the fact that she is again entangled into this life for the rest of her days.

As the story moves forward, she starts to face problem and troubles of married life above the entire gory thing about police officer’s lifestyle. The family is held in a lot of stressful situations due to internal dissatisfaction and external mishaps as well. This entire tussle becomes the main plot for the story of this television series. Apart from Murugan and Sandhya, there are other characters in the story that play an equally convincing role. These are Maha, Thiru’s mother, Shobha Vijay Kumar, and finally Gopi.