Tamil Tv Serial Thayumanavan

Thayumanavan is a Tamil TV serial, getting aired in Star Vijay from Monday to Friday by 7.30 PM. The serial shows the interesting side of a family where a single father grows up his five dearly daughters all by himself.

The protagonist of the serial is Mathiazhagan. He plays a hotelier who runs a number of hotels in the city. His wife is dead and he's got five daughters. Maha is the first daughter of Mathi who is an innocent girl, looking after the household works. The second daughter is Subha who works in a company. She marries her colleague Ashok against the will of her father. The third daughter is Janani who doesn't like her father and is not in good terms with him. The fourth daughter is Indhu and the fifth one is Suchi who lives with her grandparents. Maha's marriage gets stopped as the groom runs off on the day of engagement. To manage the situation, Bharathi who's Mathi's Sister's son marries Maha. Soon after the marriage, Mathiazhagan comes to know about Bharathi's love with Janani and he expels him out of the family. Maha gets upset and starts going to work. How the father solves the differences with his daughters and gets them good lives forms the rest of the story plot.

The serial Thayumanavan is directed by Kathir who's the dialogue writer of another famous serial, SaravananMeenatchi. The serial includes a cast of Mathiazhagan as the father, Maheswari as Maha, Seema as Subha and Indhu as Jennifer along with others.